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Window gates – how to choose new ones

Many burglary breaks are done through unsecured basements. Windows facing the backside of the house are extra vulnerable, as they are often transparent. To stop someone being unauthorized from entering the basement, grids can be installed. They can be open or fixed, as required and desired.

Where to put window gates?

All windows where a thief may try to get in can be fitted with windows. Most importantly, it is in cellar windows, and windows are preferably kept open. The basement windows facing the back of a house are one of the most common roads for the burglar, and it may be extra suitable to install a window gable. It is barely visible, but provides a good effect.


A window for exposed windows is an effective way to reduce the risk of burglary in a house. Most window grates have good strength in themselves. What determines how good it is against burglary is the attachment itself. If only a normal tool is needed to remove the window grill, it is completely useless. Always ask a professional to look at the design in which the window is attached. It is important to attach the window grill properly, and it should be a professional installer. 

The color is important

In the store, the white bars for the window can be felt as the best option. They feel bright and beautiful where they stand, unlike the black and dark stories that feel more like a prison. However, when the windowsills are set up, the effect becomes completely reversed. The white burrs look real and stand out. If there are many such grids in a house, the impression becomes purely by prison. Then the black gallows are preferred. They melt into the background and do not look the same at all.

Fixed or openable

Window gates can be fixed or openable. The opening windows have the same type of secure and built-in locks as the grating doors. What is preferable is a flavor and a question about the use of the window. In order for the window to function as a fire escape, for example, it is also important that the entire window is open. Often, however, it is a matter of price. A window gable that is openable is more expensive than a fixed grating. Galleries, whether they are openable or fixed, are usually put on the inside of the window, but they can also be placed on the outside. However, it does not provide the same nice protection, since the attachment becomes easily accessible for burglaries.

To buy window gates

The window for windows can be purchased in several different ways. Many companies sell prefabricated constructions. They are often relatively cheap, but it requires good measurements and good knowledge to buy the right size and to install them properly. Several companies offer to get out of place and custom grille based on window dimensions and customer wishes. Even if it becomes slightly more expensive with a special order, it often pays for long. One skilled in the art can easily determine what is required to securely secure the window grill to the existing walls. They can also take the measurements that are really needed, and then the grille is made based on the individual needs and wishes of the customer. It also applies to the design. The installation of window gates in a villa is also rootless. However, it is not in an apartment.

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Window gates – how to choose new ones