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Understand science with analogies

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How to explain a scientific theory or phenomenon in simple language so that everyone can understand? It’s difficult, incredibly difficult. However, Joel Levy managed to do it. The result of his difficult work was the “Big Book of Analogies”. In his book, the author explains scientific facts and theories using analogies. It turns out to be understandable and extremely exciting.

We would like to share with you a few facts that surprised us incredibly

We are literally attacked by cosmic dust. And these are not fairy tales! Due to the constant rain of cosmic dust, the mass of the Earth increases annually by the weight of an ocean liner! How serious is this attack. Judge for yourself. Only 1 million small meteoroids hit the Earth in the last 24 hours. The Earth collects 30,000 tons of cosmic dust per year. Therefore, by the way, do not be surprised where you got such an abundance of dust in your home. It’s all the stardust to blame, yeah! 😉

How scary are earthquakes? In 1906, a massive earthquake occurred in San Francisco. The magnitude of this earthquake was 7.8 points. The same amount of energy could be released by one of the most powerful hydrogen bombs in history if it were detonated over the city. And the most powerful earthquake known to our historians occurred in southern Chile in May 1960. Its magnitude was 9.5 points!

How long will it take for people to drink all the water from the Pacific Ocean? (If it were insipid, of course) Scientists estimate – 960,000 trillion years! In total, there is now 1.3 billion cubic kilometers of water on Earth and there will be no more. Most of the water appeared 3.8. billion years ago. Considering the water cycle in nature, estimate the age of the water you are currently drinking.

How fast is the speed of light? We all know its magnitude, but how difficult is it to achieve in practice? For example, the most modern spacecraft, propelled by hundreds of atomic bombs, can accelerate to only 5% of the speed of light. Therefore, of course, we still have a long way to go before starting any serious space travel.

A little about the terrible. The deadliest poison on the planet is butoloxin. Soda cans (0.33 L) full of butoloxin would be enough to kill all of humanity. And the most dangerous creature living on the planet is the box jellyfish, which is found off the northern coast of Australia. Its poison would be enough to kill 60 people in just 4 minutes.

The earth has existed for 4.5 billion years. If you fit all of its history in one day, then dinosaurs will appear at 22:46, and the first cities – a tenth of a second before midnight. Estimate how long and serious the way humanity still has to go!

There are 1001 more useful facts in the book. And the way the author presents them allows you to understand really complex scientific theories and phenomena. The book makes you fall in love at first sight. Recommended!

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