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Traditional racks versus mezzanine floors

Do you own a large warehouse that spends more time being full than spacious? Or do you own a business with a warehouse you keep wanting to fill and optimize its space? Then you more than likely will need to use one of these two options: The traditional racks or mezzanine floors. Both of these have their pros and cons, but depending on your situation one of these options will be a better fit than the other.

Traditional racks

Traditional racks are the option that is used more often than not in warehouses. This is not a surprise as racks are customizable, strong enough to carry plenty of objects, and more than likely available in your local hardware store. Traditional racks make organization quite easy in a warehouse. Giving products a unique location on traditional racks helps with the efficiency of the work as well.

When using racks, it’s important to keep in mind where certain products should go to make things safer and easier for the employees that work in the warehouse. Heavy items should not be placed on the top shelf due to the difficulty it would place on the employee to try and take them down. When dealing with traditional racks in a warehouse, a valuable skill the employees will need to have is to be able to drive and utilize a forklift. Using a forklift will make transporting different items a lot easier, and you can have the racks go as high as the forklift can pick up. 

Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are praised for their flexibility as extra storage space. When you set up mezzanine floors you can keep them as long as you need them. Once you no longer require extra storage space in your warehouse, you can simply take the mezzanine floors down. This option for extra storage is installed in between the floors that already exist in the warehouse. They can hold up to 3500 kg per square meter, so you can add a lot of product to it and it will be maintained perfectly. With mezzanine floors, you can also have an efficient working system that is simple to manage. 

The mezzanine floors also come with stairs, so access to the products won’t be a difficult feat. If you decide to order a mezzanine floor from Nolte Mezzanine, they will be delivered to you in a construction kit which you can hold on to until you actually need the extra space, unless you need to use them as soon as you get them. At you can place your order to get your construction kit now!