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The best way to hang your paintings

With a picture hanging system it’s possible to hang paintings, art and other wall decorations without a lot of tools, drilling holes in the wall or hitting nails in the wall. This way you can hang your painting without getting those ugly holes in your wall.


A picture hanging system consists out of a rail (with or without lighting) with wires (can even be transparent) and hooks. The suspension rail can be attached to the ceiling, on the wall or behind a cornice.


It’s flexible but secure

This way it’s not only easy to hang paintings anywhere on the wall, but it’s also a very safe and flexible system. The painting hangs are firmly secures to the wall but when you would like its place you can effortlessly change it. And you can do all this without making holes in the wall.



A picture rails have the advantage that it can be nicely hidden. The rail in the colour primer is also paintable. Therefore it can take over the exact colour of the wall or ceiling without pre-treatment.


Give an extra dimension

The picture rails with lighting give the artwork an extra dimension and create a nice atmosphere in the room. So the artwork will be even more impressing to your guests.


Think about the following things

Before you select a picture hanging system it’s wise to think about the following:

• Do you want to hang the pictures on the wall or ceiling

• What is the weight of the picture(s) you want to hang

• Do you want to change the objects a lot

• Would you like rails with or without lighting


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The best way to hang your paintings