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Terex Demag AC80

When working in the construction business, demolition, rental or event building industry Terex Demag AC80 telescopic cranes are perfect for the job. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery has used Terex Demag AC80 cranes with a good price-quality ratio. At the moment we have in stock:

  • Terex Demag AC80/2 2002;
  • Terex Demag AC80/2 2003.

General specifications

The Terex Demag AC80 has an extendable boom divided into max. 6 sections. With a total length of 50 meters it can lift up to 90,000 kilograms. The Mercedes Benz engine runs on diesel fuel. The crane has good stability and maneuverability on the road and can reach a speed up to 90 kilometers per hour.

Service and transportation

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery offers a complete service to its customers. All Terex Demag AC80 cranes are inspected thoroughly at our factory and are tested by specialized technicians. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery can deliver the Terex Demag AC80 right to your door. Also, we can arrange the required documents for your machine. All these services gives you the comfort of well-functioning telescopic crane for a good price.

About Terex Demag

Terex Demag is an abbreviated name for Deutsche Maschinenbau AG and is headquartered in Zweibrücken in Germany. The company is a global manufacturer of various kinds of cranes with capacities from 30 to 3200 tons. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery has the following Terex Demag machines in stock:

  • dumpers;
  • and working platforms;
  • telescopic cranes;
  • all terrain cranes.

More information on Terex Demag AC80

If you like to learn more about buying Terex Demag AC80 telescopic cranes at Pfeifer Heavy Machinery, please feel free to contact us. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery also sells used telescopic cranes of brands like Faun, Liebher, Grove and PPM.

Terex Demag AC80