Save energy by installing an eco water heater


With energy prices on the rise everyone is looking for ways to save money on energy. Thanks to technical innovations electrical appliances continue to become more and more energy-efficient. An eco water heater is a prime example of an energy-efficient electrical appliance that help save money on your energy bill. A lot of people are becoming increasingly environmentally aware making an energy-friendly ECO boiler is a really sensible choice.

An ECO electric boiler is highly insulated for improved heat retainment. It has an eco controller that minimizes the electrical losses, gauges its temperature constantly and only heats up when it needs to. For the entire range go to our eco water heaters page. 

We have two different brands with eco water heaters; Lemet and Wesen.

Lemet has the ECOWAY range. Here are the benefits of Lemet Ecoway electric boilers;

  • A self-learning program that monitors your hot water usage over the course of 2 weeks and sets a program accordingly. A very economical way of heating your electric boiler

  • An ECO function that minimizes electrical losses resulting in reduced power consumption

Wesen has two ranges that are both very energy-efficient. Here are the benefits of a Wesen water heater:

  • ECO controller with smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature precisely. It continuously monitors that temperature only heating up when it needs to. This leads to considerable energy savings for an ECO electric water heater 

  • Latest insulation of PUR foam for even greater heat preservation minimizing the need to heat up the water frequently

Shortly, we will launch more ECO boilers on our website as Wesen will launch a new range of enamel steel water heaters with energy label B.  

So if you want to save money and be environmentally aware do seriously consider an ECO water heater. Check our entire collection online. 


Save energy by installing an eco water heater

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