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Promo ideas for small business

To give you a clear picture of almost all marketing opportunities that exist within the small and medium business, we have compiled the following overview for you. Obviously, not all possibilities will be applicable to your company, but you might be able to pick up some good tips. If some of these tips can make your business grow, then reading this article has already proven its value. So let’s get started quickly.


1. Gain insight

First of all it’s important to get a clear understanding of your product and the target group you’re aiming at. Once you have these two aspects clearly mapped out you can devise a marketing strategy that gives you the best chance of reaching your target group.


2. Determine your target group

Know who your customers are. To get a good picture of this, you can use fictitious customers. These give a good picture of the customers you would like to have and what you should offer these people, so that they actually become your customers. This provides a deeper insight into both your potential customer and your product. In this way you deliver an optimally suited product and apply the best sales strategy to approach your potential customers.


3. Look at the competitor

Under the motto: “Better good stolen than bad invented” is to look how your successful competitors do it. It is advisable to take their strategy as a starting point and adapt it to your organization.


4. Stand out

It is important to ensure that your brand stands out in an already existing market. Because why would customers buy the product from you, if your competitor sells exactly the same product? Make sure you differentiate yourself from your competitors. This can be done through small things, such as a savings campaign, a little extra with a purchase or special actions. Of course you can think of many more things that ensure that your company offers just that little extra compared to the competition.


5. Make sure you are found

To ensure that customers know how to find your business, it is important to use words or parts of sentences that your customers search for. For example, from a review on a particular product, you can extract some keywords that are often used in a search for your product. By using these keywords in your marketing strategy, you have a greater chance that potential customers will come to you.


6. Create a marketing database

It’s helpful to create a file of everything you collect that may be relevant to your marketing strategy. This could include a competitor’s strategy, terminology used, search terms often used, etc. In this way, you can access all the information that may be useful in your marketing strategy at once.


7. Work on relationships

Make sure you build a healthy relationship with your vendors and suppliers. They have experience in the industry and can give you tips and advice that you can benefit from. If your sales increase, so will your vendor’s sales. They hear and see a lot from other buyers and customers, so their advice can certainly be valuable. Be open to this.


8. Make sure you have a recognizable brand and logo

Make sure you have a brand and logo that is easily recognized by people. This will make your product quickly recognizable and stand out from other products in the same industry.


9. Keep your promises

Keep your promises. If you make all kinds of nice promises in your marketing campaign, but then fail to deliver on them, you will sooner lose customers than gain them. Therefore, it is better to make only those promises that you can definitely keep. It is always better to do more than you promised, than less. If you do more than you promised, it will come as a positive surprise to the customer and he or she will be more inclined to buy from you again and recommend you to his contacts.


A good example of this is a handyman who includes an amount for unforeseen costs in his quote. If it turns out later that this was not applicable, his customers get their money back. This is a friendlier way of working than if the customer were to receive a bill for unforeseen expenses afterwards.


10. Stay informed

Stay on top of developments in your industry. Read trade magazines and reports on the Internet, so you know what’s going on. In this way you can quickly respond to changes and certain trends, so you do not miss any opportunities.



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