Save energy by installing an eco water heater

With energy prices on the rise everyone is looking for ways to save money on energy. Thanks to technical innovations electrical appliances continue to become more and more energy-efficient. An eco water heater is a prime example of an energy-efficient…Continue Reading →

Compare forex brokers

Compare forex brokers Stocks, bonds, trading… these concepts may be foreign to you, but it’s really not as complicated as it all seems. Start by investing a very small amount with the help of the right companies and people, and…Continue Reading →

Terex Demag AC80

When working in the construction business, demolition, rental or event building industry Terex Demag AC80 telescopic cranes are perfect for the job. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery has used Terex Demag AC80 cranes with a good price-quality ratio. At the moment we have in stock: Terex…Continue Reading →