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Material handling with vacuum technology

Material handling is from now possible with special Aerolift vacuum handling technology. All materials with an airtight surface can be handled. For example, concrete, (non magnetic) metal, paper rolls or wind turbinel rotor blades and wall panels.

Why vacuum handling is a powerful tool

For material handling a special sucktionpad is placed on the load. A pump sucks out the air between the suctionpad and the material, thus creating a vacuum. The vacuum is an extremely strong ‘glue’ that makes it possible to safely lift and turn loads up to 80 tons.

Faults and facts about vacuum handling

Contrary to what is commonly believed, the surface of materials you want to vacuum handle does not need to be perfectly flat, smooth or free of bumps. Materials of a great variety can be handled using vacuum technology. Think of flat objects, but also circular objects such as pipes and paper rolls. Aerolift has the most suitable suction pads for every situation.

Material handling in any circumstance

In addition to load properties, Aerolift looks at the environment in which the load is located and the circumstances it needs to work in. For example:

  • working at high or low altitude
  • hot or cool temperatures;
  • under or above water.

Thanks to the turning capabilities loads can be handled in any position. This enables you to handle a load both horizontally, vertically or in any random position.

More information about material handling with vacuum technology

For more information on material handling with vacuum technology please contact Aerolift customer service. Based on Aerolift’s highly advanced, specialist product knowledge, we are able to offer suitable solutions for any industrial application. Also for short rent.

Material handling with vacuum technology