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Magnetfishing magnets review

Ordinary anglers catch fish. Magnetic anglers fetch metallic objects from rivers and experience big surprises in the process.

Lukas is 24 years old and has a hobby together with his father Wolfgang: Both of them like to go out magnetic fishing. They recently got a car out of the water that someone had cut into several pieces and dumped in the river.

Magnetic anglers Wolfgang (60) and Lukas (24) on a bridge in Schleswig-Holstein © Deutschlandfunk Nova | Johannes Kulms
Magnet anglers Wolfgang and Lukas
When fishing with magnets, Wolfgang and Lukas are constantly surprised by what is lying around in the river. An ancient knife, for example, that still has no traces of rust after many years in the water, horseshoes, old coins – and sometimes residues from the Second World War.

The ordnance disposal service comes when the war remains
There are even magnetic fishermen who deliberately set out to find the remains of the World War. Lukas and Wolfgang cannot understand that. Although they know where to look for it in theory, they are not at all interested in it. “What are you supposed to do with it?” Asks Lukas, “you are only putting your life in danger”.

If ammunition from the Second World War is found while magnetically fishing, the ordnance disposal service has to come. Basically, the authorities are skeptical about magnet fishing magnets fishermen, explains Lukas.

“We had to do with the fisheries control once. They got serious and wanted to see our IDs. When we explained what we were doing, they said: ‘Ok, great, go ahead!
Lukas, 24 years old, magnetic fisherman from Schleswig-Holstein
For Lukas and his father, what is attractive about magnet fishing is on the one hand the surprise of what they are pulling out of the water. On the other hand, both love to find out where and from what time the objects come from.

The magnets they use to fish are not ordinary household magnets. They are about the size of a fist, some are round, others angular, and can pull up to 200 kilos out of the water.

Tips from the professional
But beware! On the website that Lukas runs, beginners are advised to consider a few things before they get started. For example, you should leave your cell phone or other storage media in the car. The magnets can erase entire hard drives or memory cards.