Join the illustrious list of companies that use the WaveGuide wave radar

You’re looking for a way of obtaining accurate data on the area surrounding your offshore business. You might want to take a look at the WaveGuide radar system by a Dutch company named Radac. Worldwide, many leading companies rely on this radar. Maybe your company will be soon too. You can profit from the many benefits this radar can provide. Examples are the easy installation, a low power consumption and an excellent price/performance ratio. Also, this radar is suitable for all weather conditions. The WaveGuide radar measures the distance to the water surface several times per second. You can purchase this radar in two versions: a standard stainless-steel version and the ATEX certified version.

A sensor to complement the wave radar on board of a vessel

A car has its headlights, a ship has its wave radar. Both are meant to scout ahead and locate possible hazards on route. The WaveGuide Onboard might be the solution for your business! The WaveGuide Onboard consists of a sensor and its own server. The sensor is situated on the bow of the ship. The WaveGuide Onboard collects, synchronizes and compensates the data. The sensor comes in an excellent price/performance ratio. Also, it basically has no maintenance, is easy to install and explosion proof certified. Therefore, this wave radar, developed and manufactured by Radac, is suitable for all weather conditions. 

A wave radar with many benefits for your company

Make your work a little safer and more comfortable by using a wave radar system. Accurate data about flows, currents and waves is constantly sent to you. Based on which you can take adequate action. Once you’ve purchased this radar, you will profit from the many benefits; no more maintenance, a radar that’s suitable for all weather conditions, a low power consumption device and explosion proof certified. These are a few examples of the benefits the radar will give you. The radar can be used on offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore wind parks and platforms, harbours and coasts and as an input to Met-Ocean systems. Radac provides two types of products; the WaveGuide Height & Tide and the WaveGuide Height & Tide Ex certified. 

Join the illustrious list of companies that use the WaveGuide wave radar

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