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Forestry equipment

Experience a new way of forestry maintenance and extend the employability of your basic machine with Gierkink Machine Techniek forestry equipment. Connect the GMT 035 felling grapple to your basic machine and start felling, chipping and transporting trees in one pass.

Suited for basic machinery

Gierkink Machine Techniek forestry equipment is compatible with your:

  • tractor;
  • crane;
  • skidder;
  • forwarder;
  • truck;
  • and telehandlers.

All in one solution

The GMT 035 felling grapple exists out of three high quality components:

  1. a grapple to firmly hold the tree;
  2. a chainsaw to cut the tree;
  3. and a coupler to connect the felling grapple to any basic forestry machinery.

These three components make sure you can safely prune, saw, top, grub, remove or shred trees and branches in just one pass. With the felling grapple you can also harvest biomass, perform tree maintenance, tree pruning or perform maintenance on public streams and green. This amazing forestry equipment is compatible with all machines that can handle a normal wood grapple. External electricity is not needed.

About Gierkink Machine Techniek

The company Gierkink Machine Techniek started in 1998 with the maintenance and repair of forestry equipment. Many years of experience in forestry equipment led to the development of innovative products that changed the way forests and green zones are maintained. Like this all in one forestry equipement for professional pruning, sheering and cutting of trees.

More information about forest equipment

Rely on our experience and high quality service in the field of forestry equipment. Experience how forestry equipment of Gierkink Machine Techniek will ease your workload and improves results. Would you like to learn more about our products? Please feel free to contact us.

Forestry equipment