Energy-efficient electric water heaters with energylabel A


The Wesen ECO 30 litre is probably the only energy-efficient electric water heater currently available with an energylabel A. It is equipped with the latest eco controller and the latest PUR foam insulation. The Eco controller monitors the water consumption over a period of time. That data, with the help of a specially designed algorithm, is used to calculate the most efficient water temperature at any given moment.

This eco controller prevents the storage water heater from heating up to 65 degrees celsius when you are away. And it will only heat prior to you having your usual 18.00 shower.  This clever trick saves a lot of energy and money spent on electricity.

By using the latest generation of insulation foam the electric boiler only requires a 2cm thick insulation foam wall. That helps keep the unit slim with a depth of only 25 cm. This allows you to install the electric boiler in practically every kitchen cabinet.

The energy-efficient storage water heater from Wesen is equipped with two water tanks each with its own heating element. These heating elements can be operated independently. The two smaller tanks heat up quicker than a traditional single tank model and that helps save cost even more.

Both tanks are manufactured from titanium reinforced enamel steel ensuring a long life cycle. The electric boiler with the enamel steel tanks is therefore also suitable for hardwater.

The Wesen ECO is also available as a 50 litre with a depth of just 25 cm. The 80 and 100 litre capacity measures just 30 cm in depth. All three models have an energy label B. That means these larger capacity electric water heaters are highly energy-efficient too.

All Wesen electric water heaters can be purchased online in the UK at Please consult the website for more extensive information on all Wesen products.

Energy-efficient electric water heaters with energylabel A

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