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Best franchise business in village


Best franchise business in village


1. Business customization

Business tailoring.


Tailoring is one of the best moving companies in rural areas because without tailors, they would be nobody to improve clothes, patch clothes and sow new ones especially for occasions.


Tailors make a lot of money because people sow at least one new clothing every day.


This business also moves during occasions like wedding funerals and so on, on such occasions different uniforms should be sown.


Tailors work with fabric and we wear clothes that are dear to us to cover our body.


2. Palm Wine Bar/ Joint Business

This is also a moving business idea in villages, opening a palm wine and bar.


In our society today, our youth, young men, old men and even women can go a day without drinking at least a bottle of beer and palm wine.


This business goes very well because this is a point where most people go to relax, and while they are doing that, they order something to keep them busy.

Some of them go there to discuss and have fun, while others keep the bar as their meeting point. Palm wine is highly appreciated by the people in the villages, especially fresh palm wine.


People engage in drinking two bottles, three bottles and more. Some get drunk at the end of the day.


This is one of the best moving companies because our young people and men appreciate drinks even more than the food they eat.


3. Barbing Saloon Business

Barbing Saloon Business


This is another moving company. This is where guys, men-children and even women go to get a haircut to look neat.


Students really go there, especially those in schools who don’t do that hair braiding. This place is set aside to make people look neat.


4. Hair Dressing Saloon

Businesses in rural areas


Just like the barbershop, the hair salon is meant for ladies. Ladies go there to weave and braid their hair to look neat. Everyone likes to look good, presentable, charming and beautiful.


5. Bakery

Businesses in rural areas.


Here you can get fresh bread, cakes pastries and much more. People love baked food. Especially the freshly baked ones. The bakery business really moves the market.


6. Wedcentra



This is another moving company in the village. Here you will find our youth and young men  on a soccer game to get money if it is won.


Here men spend money to play irrelevant games, some win and some lose.


This business wins a lot because gambling is done with money and you have a small chance of winning. Unemployed people and those who fancy soccer fun go there.


7. Phone call Business

Phone call Business


This is another good business that moves into the village. The people in the village don’t really have what we call phones.


So this business is for anyone without a phone who wants to relay information or talk to a loved one.


In short, we were able to learn about moving companies in villages and why they are the best. These companies are really needed for our daily activities.



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