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3 reasons why you should go to the Netherlands!

Are you thinking about going on holiday this summer? Or planning to study or work abroad? Then you definitely need to go to the Netherlands! There are a lot of countries in the world. America counts 35, Asia 51 and Europe 51 beautiful countries as well. So, you must be thinking, why should I go to Holland if there are so many other options in the world? After reading this article, one of the smallest countries in Europe will definitely melt your heart instantly and you will book your flight tickets as fast as you can! 


Amazing nature  

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is a really small country. It is possible to travel from one side of the country to the other in less than three hours! So that’s perfect if you love to visit beautiful national parks across the land. And yes, this country has a lot to offer. The Netherlands is well known for its amazing nature. For example, in the centre of the country there is a beautiful national park called: de Veluwe. A lot wild life, breath taking lakes and exquisite hiking paths across the forests. The Wadden Eilanden are also a must see. Those are the islands in the north of the country. The wonderful white dunes and the sea breeze will instantly give you the best relaxation.   



Nicest people & delicious food 

Besides the beautiful outskirts of Holland, the people and the food make everything complete. Everywhere you go, in each province like Groningen, Limburg and Utrecht the residents are extremely hospitable. They will invite you to their home, offer you to try typical Dutch dishes and they are very polite! Speaking of the food:you definitely need to try the bitterballen and kroketten! This is a very famous and delicious Dutch snack which is worth a try! Once you tried it you will never stop eating it! 

Beautifull cities 

The final reason why you should go to the Netherlands is because of the awesome cities! I think you heard of Amsterdam, right? And no, it is not the capital of Europe but of Holland! With its red-light district, amazing canals, beautiful bridges and inspiring culture, is definitely a must see! Rotterdam and The Hague are also two cities that are worth a visit! Considering to permanently stay in the Netherlands after this visit? We completely understand you. Just easily use the search terms: house for sale Rotterdam, real estate agency Den Haag